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2-Week Anti Inflammatory Guide for Vegans

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This is a Detox Plan. E-guide immediate download in email. I am not a dietitian or medical doctor, I am sharing the knowledge that has worked for me. Consult a medical doctor before beginning any weight loss journey.

Consult a Doctor Before you Begin

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Customer Reviews

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Glennis Cross
2-weeks Anti Inflammatory guide Vegan

The guide is wonderful. I had to make some substitutions because its some foods I don't eat and I love the water bottle it keeps me on track(everybody checking my times too)lol.

Once I had all your tools meaning food as directed, measuring utensils, and scale to measure those ounces. I have not finished my 2 weeks yet and I'm not doing well with my exercising due to inconsistencies of my work schedule, but I will be working on that dilemma. Also, it challenging for me to finish five meals. I can do between 3-4 meals.

I definitely had less inflammation.

The plan keeps you full but when I’m eating vegan, I try to stay away from soy products and large amounts of chickpeas. I found it hard to adjust the plan to fit my taste buds but it wouldn’t be a detox if it was “fun”. Overall, it was not a bad investment.

Criscelia Tucker
2-Week Anti Inflammatory Guide for Vega

This was so enjoyable. I love the 5 meals. It took some time getting used to eating 5 meals, but the plan is awesome!