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Fine Fit Sisters

6 Week Fat Loss Transformation

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This is a comprehensive muscle building guide designed to help you live your best life.This is  sample guide, not prescribed. Use this as a plug and play to incorporate meals that can help towards your fitness goals.  Includes an anti-inflammation eating guide, within 6 week guide, grocery list, and work out guide.  Results may vary. **BEST VALUE** 50% OFF MSRP.

Consult a Doctor Before you Begin

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Customer Reviews

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It can put you on the right track ..

Knowing how many calories you need to intake on a daily basis is very helpful. However , I feel like for the workout part it would’ve been much better / helpful if there were videos showing how to do each exercise instead of having to look it up yourself . Taking time out to go on YouTube to see how to do each movement when you paid for a guide can be pretty annoying . Also, feel like the vegan section should have more options. Tofu and rice seems to be the basis for all meals, everyone doesn’t consume rice or soy products so once again you have to do more work yourself with replacements like Quinoa , or anything else that isn’t listed.

Patricia Simpson
Confusing Menu

I was disappointed with the menu format. It lists unusual ingredients without an explanation as to what it is. For example, what are digestive enzymes? Also, some of the choices are measured in grams, while others in cups.

Moshood Momoh
Fitness Program

Good morning Ms. Tomi, Just want to thank you for providing an awesome guidleline to weightloss success. I am using your program for my girlfriend she is taking your program very seriously.

Jeniffer M.
I'M already seeing changes!!

I half- way tried the meal plan just to see if I could handle it because this is something I've never done before, and I've tried MANY things. The biggest thing I changed was eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up, and measuring my food. I started to eat regularly and omg just on one week I see a different and I have lost a few pounds. It just makes sense to do it this way. I plan to start completely as soon as school finals are over in May, until then I'm going to keep doing something so I can program my mind to do this completely. This is doable, not a fad diet. Thank you.

Tonya Jones

I have yet to be able to access the plan. I sent an email to support and was given another email to reply too. ATP I’m considering this a loss.