How to turn your negative thoughts into motivation!

Having negativity in our lives is one thing I believe we can all relate to. We occasionally have to cope with it, whether from ourselves or others. It may consume you and impact every aspect of your life if you can't find a way to move past it.

I periodically have to deal with negativity, and let me tell you. It's not always straightforward. Sometimes, I have difficulty figuring out how to handle it and let it go.
But there is something I've learned to do that will not only help me deal with it more quickly but will also allow me to put it to good use. And that is using negativity as fuel for motivation.
It may seem challenging, but if you utilize all that negativity to motivate yourself rather than consume it, you can do wonderful things. 

These tips will help you turn negativity into motivation:

Channel your anger into energy.

When negativity enters your life, you can become very angry. You may become enraged at others for their cruel behavior or even at yourself for having such pessimistic thoughts. The only thing you can do in either circumstance is channeling your anger into energy. Make progress on your tasks, or use that anger as motivation for your next workout. Use it to motivate you to go further.

Take negativity and doubts as a challenge.

Think about the times you have felt negative about yourself. They typically occur when you're attempting to accomplish something worthwhile. Take on those negative thoughts as a problem you can overcome. Get to work after saying to yourself, "Fine, I'm going to prove myself wrong by making myself proud of this."

Consider why others are so negative toward you.

If there's one thing I've discovered, jealousy frequently fuels negativity. Others strive to make you feel worse than they do to feel better about their own lives. Although it's terrible that there is this kind of criticism, you must be aware.

The next time someone is being unkind to you, consider why. Perhaps it has less to do with their judgment of you and more to do with their shortcomings. Knowing that others find your achievements to be something to be jealous of can inspire you to do even better.

Make positive use of it.

Not all criticism is intended to harm you or drag you down. Sometimes it's merely helpful criticism dressed up as advice. Sometimes you need to take a step back and consider whether the advice is constructive rather than harmful. Realizing that someone is working to make your success a reality can inspire you to do better.

Talk to other people in your position.

Remember that many people have been in your position, and many still are! Find people like this and talk to them. Explain to them how you feel; they will help you get past the negativity. 

Thanks to social media, you can connect to other people just like you and talk with them. You can join my Facebook group and talk to people on their fitness journey; they will support you and help you stay motivated!

There are several types of negativity. Dealing with it is never enjoyable, whether it comes from another person or your own thoughts. You can succeed at anything you put your mind to if you utilize that negativity as motivation. Remember to keep in mind how strong and amazing YOU are. 

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